About us

Ndparish Loans is one of those companies that strives to make getting some finances a breeze. Founded in 2002, Ndparish Loans set its sights to providing logbook loans even for those with poor credit scores. Our mission is one: to assist individuals who are having trouble getting loans the old fashioned way from banks and other traditional lenders.

We’ve got a number of stores all across the UK and this is simply a step to making it convenient for you to get your cash fast. We also offer the loans in a timely manner and you’ll have the cash at hand within 24 hours.

We are regulated and licensed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and CCTA (The Consumer Credit Trade Association). The FCA regulates the financial activities in the whole of UK so as to protect consumers and promote healthy competition between financial parties. The CCTA simply audits logbook loans and ensure they follow the code of conduct and remain fair. Being a member of these bodies ensures that you receive top notch credit services and keeps you in peace knowing that you are not dealing with fraud.

Our values

We value our customers and wouldn’t like to see you dissatisfied with our services. That’s why we offer these promises:

Other services

Apart from logbook loans, we also aim to support people money management and have professionals ready to assist. We also release a number of financial related articles just to assist you in managing your finances better.

Additionally, we work with numerous organisations to ensure that our content is available to the public and to assist our customers when it comes to money matters and tackle debts.